Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

24 Mile Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

Welcome to the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge also known as the Causeway to the locals. This 24 mile long bridge is the longest in the world of its kind. 

It is built completely over the water with no land masses except at the beginning and the end. This makes it the longest bridge in the world of its kind. Initially it was a two lane bridge but a 2nd bridge was built next to the original bridge.

Getting ready to travel the Causeway? Visit the Causeway Commission to get the latest information on traffic, weather and other good to know information about the bridge.

Beauty Of Sunsets, Sun Rises And Full Moons

Many people find this to be an enjoyable 24 mile ride. You can see some beautiful sunrises and sunsets if you plan your drive at the right time. You can also get some of the most beautiful full moon views of the lake wither you are driving north or south. Seeing a full moon over the lake 

Cloud Formations And Storms On Lake Pontchartrain

The lake puts on a show of its own when a storm rolls in. If you are lucky enough to be on the causeway bridge at the right time and place you are in for a mind blowing show. Usually the black storm clouds roll in from the south west as they come out of the Gulf Of Mexico and meet with the cooler air from the north. The perfect storm is what you are looking for. You may call it the calm before the storm.

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Toll Booth

Pictured below is the toll plaza on the north side of the Causeway Bridge. You only pay to go from north to south on this bridge. The toll booths on the south side going north has been done away with. There has been a recent increase in the fare to cover new safety construction going on the bridge. Cars have jumped over the rails and landed in the lake below on several accidents which brought about the new construction.

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge Toll Plaza Mandeville LA
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge Toll Plaza